Several of us at the office and some of our patients have seen miracles with our allergy system.

My own story is dramatic.

I was severely allergic to tree pollen, cats, ragweed, melons, pineapple, and banana.

I lived in air conditioning- afraid to open windows; avoided cats like the plague and could no longer enjoy some of my favorite fruits.

After going through the system, I REALLY tested it. I went to a party in the country with massive amounts of ragweed to a friend’s home with 4 cats and ate a melon salad.

Not only did I live to tell the tale but was able to hold one of the cats on my lap for over an hour with no problems.

One of our patients was so allergic to poison ivy that she ended up in the E.R. every spring and often was hospitalized.

She had done all the shots and taken all the drugs but no relief. She thought she would have to give up her favorite hobby: gardening.

Since going through our system, she gardens, hikes and enjoys nature with no problems.

Another patient had terrible food allergies: strawberries, nuts and even chocolate.

She had to carry an epi-pen at all times. The allergies were not merely an annoyance but a life-threatening condition.

She now regularly indulges in all those foods with no problems.

Want more proof? Call Carol Grimm our Office Manager and ask her to tell you her miracle story with our system.


Call us at 614-848-5211 to schedule an appointment or ask about it at your next visit.

Dr. Julia Keiser  

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