Do you think that the gardens this year will be the most beautiful we have ever seen?

Absolutely!! Many more people are out working in their yards this spring, and that is such a great thing!

Working outside is one of the healthiest things you can do.

But, it can make many of us sore, or worse, injured, as we tend to overdo it at first! After being inside all winter, we love to be out moving our bodies.

We never have a patient hurt gardening in August but boatloads of them in May and June. As you begin to do yard work, do it safely.

Here are 3 things you can do to reduce or eliminate injuries and sore muscles.

Number 1. Warm-up with simpler tasks first.

Get out your supplies, mow the lawn, walk through the yard assembling your tasks.

Number 2. Change activities to use different muscle groups.

Don’t try to tackle a huge job. Switch between mulching, mowing, weeding, trimming, planting, and other activities. Give yourself some breathing room, rest a bit at least once an hour. Stretch your muscles in between tasks.

Number 3. Use correct ergonomics.

Bend from the hips; use your whole body while shoveling rather than just your back or arms. If working overhead, make the next task lowering your arms and shoulders. Carry loads that are easy to pick up and use a wheel barrel for heavier items.

Number 4 (for good measure). Rest often.

If you feel tired. Stop and rest. If you have a swing, enjoy that and take the time for your muscles to settle. And then, loop back up to #2, change activities. Don’t try to tackle everything at once. ENJOY your time outside.

Our goal is to help you garden and do your yard work without injury.

Another great side effect of gardening is it’s good for your immune system

If you do get sore, come on in for an adjustment and ask us for tips when you are in the office. Don’t wait until it gets so bad that you can’t continue to work outside because you’ve overdone it!

We have a whole seminar we do for garden groups and we will be happy to help you.

Come on in, we are keeping it safe and clean and we’re here to help!

Dr. Julia Keiser

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