Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over!

Perhaps your shopping is done. If it isn’t, how about something truly valuable for someone you love? (We know they don’t need another tie or box of candy.)

1. Who in your family could use a gift of relaxation, calm, deep muscle tension relief and feeling fantastic after the hectic holidays?

Many of you have been to one of our massage therapists. They are fabulous.

I have been to spas all over the country and have never found therapists as good as ours.  We have gift certificates for one massage or packages.

2. Is a friend having trouble sleeping; family member anxious or exhausted?

Our new system, Brain Tap, uses sound and light frequencies to re-train the brain from stressed to ease.  We have seen many patients with chronic sleep issues finally able to sleep deeply for a full 8 hours. Others have seen relief from anxiety, exhaustion, and depression.

We have gift packages available. (You could also get them a new sleeping pillow!)

3. There’s always room for a few more stocking stuffers! How about:

  • A travel pillow
  • An air low back support
  • A posture band for those that sit at a desk all day. It helps them stay aligned and prevents that “hunched” look, and they will feel a whole lot better.

In the end, your loved ones will appreciate something that is different and helps them feel a little bit better (or a lot better.)

Ask any of us about these gift-giving options. We love to help you and your loved ones feel better!

Happy Holidays and stay well,

Dr. Julia Keiser

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