The kids are back in school! Help them have a great year by taking care of their backs and keeping them active!

This month at WOW we are focusing on healthy kids. Here are 3 important tips that will make a big difference.

1. Check Backpacks and Book Bags

Backpacks and book bags should not be over 10% of body weight.

Young spines are still growing and you don’t want any heavy compression on the vertebrae. Tell your kids to not hang the bag over one shoulder. I am seeing a new form of “scoliosis” from this habit. For more backpack suggestions, check our Facebook page.

2. Avoid “Text Neck”

The constant forward posture of being hunched over the phone flattens the neck curve.

A study several years ago showed loss of the cervical curve shortens life more than heart disease or cancer.

We never used to see loss of this curve in anyone under 30 unless they had been in a serious accident. Now every single child we see has some loss of their cervical curve.

Make sure your kids have more time OFF their phones than on!

3. Get Your Kids Moving!

We do workshops at businesses for adults called “Sitting is the New Smoking”.

In the “old” days, kids put on their play clothes and ran outside during and after school. Now kids are sitting at school, on the bus and in front of the TV or computer when they get home.

Do you and your kids a giant favor and get them moving!

Please make an appointment to get the kids’ spines checked so we can catch and prevent serious problems downline and help maximize their performance academically and on the court or field. 

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  1. We must always check on our kids with their school and homework. We also let them explore and have fun with their friends without phones so that they can really interact with each other.

    We offer books to children to teach them a healthy lifestyle. We do seminars and workshop here also! Just visit our website

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