Join us Tuesday January 16th 12:15-1:00 pm or Wednesday, January 17th 6:15-7:15 pm.

Doctors, Trainers and Coaches will present 1 cutting edge program designed to break down your 5 barriers to weight loss.

You will get proven solutions in; Nutrition, Movement, Toxicity, Mental Sabotage, and Group Support.


Our nutritional system floods the body with over 270 critical nutrients, the highest quality whey protein available, digestive enzymes which allow the body to absorb all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals plus probiotics to strengthen the digestive system.


The program includes use of a vibrational plate with technology developed by NASA that increases bone density, muscle mass, metabolism and can burn up to 200 calories in ten minutes.


Chemicals in our food, water and air decrease metabolism, increase appetite and slow fat burning. Our system cleanses the toxins allowing the body to release weight, increase energy and clarity, eliminate cravings and decrease inflammation.


Our thoughts and minds are powerful and often disrupt weight loss progress and retention. Our program includes cutting edge technology developed by psychologists from Harvard using specific light and sound frequencies to re-set our thought processes and subconscious to lose weight and keep it off.


No weight loss program permanently succeeds without support. Our program includes two forms of support: weekly meetings and an online support curriculum.

Here’s what you get!

Breaking Down Your Barriers to Weight Loss Enrollment

• 30-Day Fat Burning Nutritional System (replaces 68 meals) $350 Value

• Unlimited Access to our habit changing BrainTap System $100 Value

• Unlimited Access to our calorie burning Vibrational Plate $50 Value

• Weekly, Dr. supervised, Group Support Meetings $100 Value

• Online Goal Setting and Accountability Course $40 Value

Total Value $640.00

Only $499.00 (if enrolled before midnight 1/17)

Pay only $155 now* and save over $140. You are on your way to making your weight loss goal in 2018!

*Non-refundable downpayment